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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 12, Issue 3

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Editorially Speaking
( 1950) Raun, Alan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Are you worthy colleague or a darned competitor? Despite the chuckles it often induces, there is considerable import in that one simple question that we too often overlook.

Control of Brucellosis in Swine
( 1950) Garrett, H. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Brucellosis in swine has been recognized in some areas for many years. While not as prevalent as in cattle, it has been costly to the swine industry and is a definite hazard to human health. Brucella suis is more pathogenic to man than is Brucella abortus. Cattle may become a carrier of Brucella suis, while swine are less likely to become carriers of Brucella abortus. Many farmers, housewives and packing house workers contract the disease each year from exposure to infected hogs or products therefrom.

Fracture and Sequelae in a Dog
( 1950) Cowles, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A four year old male Collie dog was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic on Feb. 18, 1950. The dog had been referred to the clinic by a practitioner who had made a diagnosis of osteomyelitis. The history accompanying the patient was essentially as follows:

Obturator Paralysis following Dystocia
( 1950) Holman, Sam ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A first calf Brown Swiss heifer was admitted to the Stange Memorial Clinic the afternoon of Jan. 12, 1950. Delivery of an abnormally large calf had been attempted in the field.

A Case of Clinical Listerellosis
( 1950) Jensen, Loyd ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A Brown Swiss cow from a local herd of 60 head was admitted to Stange Memorial clinic on Feb. 5, 1950, with a history of being off feed, circling to the right and with being a possible rabies suspect. Another animal in the herd had died previously with similar symptoms.