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Ensiling versus drying soft ear corn Bulletin: Volume 17, Issue 216

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Ensiling versus drying soft ear corn
( 2017-07-31) Evvard, John ; Lamb, Alvin ; Maynard, E. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

In a soft corn year the most profitable use of the crop offers a serious problem, but there is a way out of it where-ever the corn can be fed to livestock. It may be fed immediately, as feeders know, for no harmful results need be feared in feeding it intelligently if it has not been allowed to spoil. But it may also be ensiled for later feeding, or dried by natural or artificial heat and stored in cribs. In either case the feed resulting will give the farmer the best possible returns for his damaged crop, altho the ensiled corn will cost less per 100 pounds as feed than the dried corn. These facts are shown by the experiments reported in this bulletin. In years prior to these experiments, the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station successfully ensiled soft corn ears, securing apparently good silage.