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Gladiolus varieties in floriculture trial gardens at Iowa State College Bulletin: Volume 24, Issue 288

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Gladiolus varieties in floriculture trial gardens at Iowa State College
( 2017-08-15) Volz, E. ; Fairburn, D. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

One of the few gladiolus trial gardens in the United States is located at Ames, Iowa. This project was established in 1929 by the Iowa Gladiolus Society and the Department of Horticulture at Iowa State College. It has enjoyed the active cooperation of gladiolus breeders and commercial growers. The purpose of this garden is to make a comparative study of new and important varieties of gladioli to determine their commercial value and general adaptability. The value of this trial garden from a demonstration point of view alone can hardly be overestimated. Thousands of plant lovers visit the garden annually to inspect and study the blooms of the named varieties of this popular flower. The entire stock now under observation has been acquired by voluntary contribution of gladiolus growers and originators. These donated corms are held for test and demonstration only; none are for sale or otherwise distributed. Complete records are taken on season, racial character, vigor, habits of growth, color, markings and commercial value. This information is available to all who desire it, and it is the purpose of this bulletin to present tabulated results of performance records taken on the outstanding varieties under trial over a one-year and in some cases a two-year period. There are 253 varieties in this special list.