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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 9, Issue 5

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What Crop Diversification Can Do
( 1954-11-01) Heady, Earl ; McKee, Dean ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

One of the biggest problems is running your farm business is trying to make decisions in the light of an uncertain future. Decisions may be good or bad, depending on whether prices go up or down or whether yields are high or low.

Your Experiment Station Reports- Livestock II.
( 1954-11-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Considerable work has been done at the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station on corn-protein substitution rates in hog rations and and related hog nutritional problems. Researchers in animal husbandry and agricultural economics pooled their efforts in these studies, the results of which were detailed in the February, March and April 1954 issues of Iowa Farm Science.

Farm Outlook
( 1954-11-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Between the two categories noted under the index of industrailly manufactured goods, there has been a wide divergence in the recent period. Nondurable goods have rocked along at almost the same pace since 1951, while those classified as durables have been running along at higher, but not as stable, level. Most of the drop for durables has come since the last half of 1952. Since the first part of 1954 they have leveled out considerably. The result: Industrial output has leveled out, but a level considerably below that of mid-1953.

Iowa Women: The Kinds of Food They Eat
( 1954-11-01) Willis, Elisabeth ; Swanson, Pearl ; Angus, Ruth ; Pohm, Alice ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

What does is take to keep nutritionally fit throughout life? Are Iowa women choosing the right kinds of foods? Here's a picture of what Iowa women are eating every day and the nutritional worth of their meals.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 9, No. 5
( 1954-11-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications