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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 33, Issue 5

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Caroling Through the Ages
( 2017-08-11) Wright, Marilyn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The singing of Christmas carols has echoed through the ages to contribute much to our spirit of Christmas today. In the year 129 the Bishop of Rome instituted the custom of celebrating the Nativity with Christmas carols, and the first known carol was "Gloria in Excelsis Deo." The words of the song were taken from the Bible, which was only a group of stories at that time.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.33, no.5
( 2017-08-11) Holmberg, Elinor ; Brown, Jean ; Wright, Marilyn ; Baur, Karla ; Jirsa, Doris ; Mumford, Donna ; Lindemeyer, Ann ; Willett, Millie ; Goul, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Everlasting Light, Elinor Holmberg, page 7

Get That Plum Pudding Glow!, Jean Brown, page 8

Caroling through the Ages, Marilyn Wright, page 9

Create Your Christmas, Karla Baur, page 10

Dressed in Luxury, Doris Jirsa, page 11

Shop Early in Ames, Donna Mumford, page 12

What’s New, Ann Lindemeyer and Millie Willett, page 14

Reviewed for You, page 15

Corsages for Christmas, Jean Goul, page 16

Trends, page 18

Corsages for Christmas
( 2017-08-11) Goul, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Everyone love to receive Christmas packages with gaily-colored wrappings. It seems discouraging to the package decorator, however, to know that her artistic efforts will soon be ripped apart by an eager hand and thrown into the wastebasket.

Shop Early in Ames
( 2017-08-11) Mumford, Donna ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Christmas shopping comes once a year, but that sometimes is even too much when it comes to finding unusual gifts. With thoughts in mind of who the person is, and his hobbies, interests and preferences, shopping starts.

The Everlasting Light
( 2017-08-11) Holmberg, Elinor ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

You are walking down the steps of Home Economics Hall on a startling, bright, cold morning- almost noon. You are walking slowly because this was your last exam. Now you will eat some lunch, throw the last few things in your suitcase and, leaving your books behind, go home. For it is Christmas.