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Ames Forester: Volume 88, Issue 1

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Forestry Grad Student Association
( 2001-01-01) Haake, danelle ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The ISU Department of Forestry is the home of 26 graduate students. All of these students are members of the Forestry Graduate Student Association (FGSA).

A Bit of Forestry Department History: Ms. Frances Flick (B.S. '39)
( 2001-01-01) Bolluyt, Keri ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Being a woman in the Forestry Department at Iowa State University, I have come to take some things for granted. Walking into my classes in Bessey Hall, I know there will be other women in my classes and sometimes I will have a female professor. When we went to camp, we knew there would be a female professor and a cabin for the six girls to call home for three weeks. And when all is said and done, I know there are jobs to be found in a field that is opening up more and more to women.

Club Christmas Tree Sales
( 2001-01-01) Miller, Clint ; Mathis, T.J. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This year's Christmas Tree Sales, headed by Co-Chairs T.J. Mathis and Clint Miller, were a great success.

Ames Forester Vol. 88
( 2001-01-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Published Annually by the Ames Forestry Club.

Patterns of Land Use Change at the Urban-Rural Interface: An Opportunity for Urban Natural Resource Management
( 2001-01-01) Thompson, Janette ; Thompson, Janette ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Current demographic trends indicate that a growing proportion of the human population is or soon will be urban. In fact, more than 80% of the entire U.S. population already lives in urban settings (U.S. Census Bureau data, 2001.)