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Comparative resistance of varieties of oats to crown and stem rusts Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin: Volume 5, Issue 62

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The comparative resistance of varieties of oats to crown and stem rusts
( 2017-04-03) Durrell, L. ; Parker, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Numerous instances of the production of disease-resistant crops may be noted in this and other countries, but comparatively little work has been done on the problem of resistance of oats to stem rust (Puccinia grarninis Pel's.) and crown rust (P. coronata Corda.) Many of the published records on the rust resistance of oats are observations covering but a single season and too often with no determination of the species of rust present. The use of resistant varieties, however, appears . to be the most hopeful method of combating these rusts. This paper is chiefly an account of studies conducted to determine which of the existing varieties are resistant to either or both of the rusts mentioned above.