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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 7, Issue 1

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 7.4
( 1933-07-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Notes on the Habits of June Beetles in Iowa. (Phyllophaga-Coleoptera). Bernard V. Travis pages 397-406

Bacteria Fermenting Xylan. Roger Patrick and C.H. Werkman pages 407-418

The Insecticidal Action of Some Furan Compounds. Henry Gilman, L.C. Heckert, A.P. Hewlett, J.B. Dickey pages 419-428

Decarboxylation Temperatures of Some Furoic Acids. Henry Gilman, A.M. Janney, and C.W. Bradley pages 429-432

The Taxonomic Position of an Aroma-Producing Mold. Wm. E. Burns pages 433-452

Migration of Bacteria Through Butter. M.A. Collins and B.W. Hammer pages 453-460

The Physical-Chemical Properties of Alcohol-gasoline Blends. I. Influence-of Alcohol Concentration and of Temperature Upon the Water-Holding Capacity. leo M.Christensen, R.M. Hixon, and Ellis I. Fulmer pages 461-466

Changes in the Pectic Constituents of Tomatoes in Storage. Freddie LeCrone and E.S. Haber pages 467-476

Insecticidal Action in the Nitrogen Heterocyclic Compounds. Lyman C. Craig and Charles H. Richardson pages 477-487

Studies on a Color Defect in Butter. B.W. Hammer and H.C. Olson pages 487-492

A Study on the Use of Arsenical Dust for the Control of June Beetles. Bernard V. Travis and G.C. Decker pages 493-498

Observations on the Winter Survival of Plant Lice in Iowa (Homoptera-Aphiidae). Floyd Andre and H.D. Tate pages 499-504

Time of Exposure and Temperature as Lethal Factors in the Death of Oocysts of Eimeria miyairii, a Coccidium of the Rat. Joseph F. Reinhardt and Elery R. Becker pages 505-510

Iowa State College Journal of Science 7.3
( 1933-04-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Iowa Flora. R.I. Craty pags 177-252

A Study of the Starch-Digesting and Sugar-Forming Enzymes of Wheat. Mattie Creighton with Nellie Naylor pages 253-260

The Microscopic Anatomy of the Digestive Tract of Gallus domesticus. M. Louis Calhoun pages 261-382

The Stability of Ethylene Glycol in Acid Solutions. F.E. Brown and Clifford E. Headington pages 383-386

Approximate Solutions of Two-Dimensional Elastic Problems. D.L. Holl pages 387-396

Iowa State College Journal of Science 7.1
( 1932-10-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Quantitative Estimation of Silk Fibroin in Weighted Silk. Eleanor Fisher and Rachel Edgar pages 1-12

Technique for the Growth of Lemna Under Sterile Conditions with Controlled Temperature and Light. Norman Ashwell Clark pages 13-16

The Partition of he Constituents of the Cornstalk by the Action of Alkali. C.J. Petersen, E.H.C. Fang, and R.M. Hixon pages 17-24

The Use of Ammonium Hydroxide as a Pulping Agent for the Grasses. C.J. Petersen and R.M. Nixon pages 25-28

The Hydrolysis of Pentosans from the Corn Cobs. F.E. Brown and Elton R. Lewis pages 29-34

The Life History and Habits of Ixodes sculptus Neumann (Ixodidae). Homer Hixon pages 35-42

Structure and Content of the Pollen of Some Leguminosae. P.N. Martin pages 43-56

Iowa State College Journal of Science 7.2
( 1933) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Quantitative Chemical Estimation of Textile Fibers. Rachel Edgar, Marian Weston, Florence Barr, Eleanor Fisher, and Jeanette Ross pages 57-92

Physiological Studies of the Butyl-Acetone Group of Bacteria. I. Gelatinolysis. C.H. Werkman and G.L. Stahly pages 93-110

A Simple, Inexpensive Electron Tube Potentiometer for Use with the Glass Electrode. L.D. Goodhue, L.H. Schwarte, and Ellis I. Fulmer pages 111-118

The Literature of Alkylated Carbohydrates. VII. Alkyl Derivatives of Disaccharides, Polysacchaides, Glycosides, and Miscellaneous Substances. Harold W. Coles pages 119-132

The Literature of Alkylated Carbohydrates. VIII. Accumulated Literature Since Publication of Earlier Papers. Harold W. Coles pages 133-152

Oxygen Absorption in Soils. F.B. Smith and P.E. Brown pages 153-162

Electron Tube Potentiometer for the Determination of Redox Potentials. C.H. Werkman, C.A. Johnson, and H.D. Coile pages 163-176