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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 60, Issue 1

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( 1998) Carney, Elizabeth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Greetings from the office of the ISU Veterinarian! As I sit and reflect on my time as editor of this unique publication, I am struck by how fast time seems to have gone since I took on this task a volume ago. At that time, I felt certain I was up to the job if only I could figure out exactly what I was supposed to do when! Three issues later, I have a clearer idea of what it takes to make this journal a reality, and perhaps I would be less apt to agree to the job had I known then what I know now!

Veterinary Student Participates in Foreign Animal Disease Course at Plum Island
( 1998) DeNault, Lisa ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

During the summer of 1997, I was fortunate to represent the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine at the Smith-Kilbourne Foreign Animal Disease Course, held at Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC). The course was created to enhance awareness among tomorrow's veterinarians of the potential threats that foreign animal diseases pose to domestic livestock populations. The curriculum is a series of lectures and discussions covering fourteen major exotic animal diseases along with hands-on training.

Future of Veterinary Medicine Explored at Student-Planned Conference
( 1998) Troxel, Mark ; Duster, Jennifer ; Daniels, Angela ; Daniels, Scanlon ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"The future is about hard work, new leadership, and organizational models that need to change. It's about changing our scope and our influences while concurrently functioning and changing in a world where our future is in a fast-forward mode."

Considerations in General Anesthesia for Cesarean Section in Small Animals
( 1998) Besancon, Michael ; Buttrick, Martha ; Baldwin, Claudia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Selection of the safest and most effective anesthetic protocol for performing a cesarean section is often a dilemma for veterinarians. Dams who are presented for this procedure are often in an emergency state, and their physical condition, along with that of the fetuses, is in a declining plane.

Cy Joins Veterinarian Staff
( 1998) Kearns, Amy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Amy C. Kearns. Yep, that's me. At least that's the name I sign with my Iowa State pen everytime I use one of my Iowa State checks that are found inside my Iowa State checkbook holder. I am probably the biggest Iowa State fan you will ever meet. Ever since my parents met on the campus ofIowa State University some 33 years ago, my blood has been destined to flow both red and yellow. So what does that "C" stand for in my name? Well, my parents would like to have you believe it stands for my middle name, but they are off their rocker, because everyone knows it stands for Cy.