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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 35, Issue 3

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Improving Reproductive Efficiency - the Veterinarian's Inroad to Agribusiness
( 1973) Smidt, Dave ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Not too long ago, large animal veterinarians derived a considerable portion of their income from vaccination. With the cessation of most vaccinations, some practices suffered somewhat. Most continued to do quite well because the volume of their practice increased to take up the slack. Still others felt confident enough and had ingenuity to develop herd health programs which thrived.

Alumni News
( 1973) Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article contains news pertaining to the alumni of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

A Tribute to Dr. Mack Allen Emmerson
( 1973) Smidt, David ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dr. M.A. Emmerson retired from his position as professor and chairman of Veterinary Radiology, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine on May 31, 1973 at which time he was named professor emeritus.

What's Your Radiographic Diagnosis?
( 1973) Kealy, J. ; DeYoung, D. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This bitch had an ovariohysterectomy at the Stange Memorial Clinic in December 1972 when she was 6 months old. She went home apparently normal. She was presented at the clinic on March 24th, 1973 because she was vomiting and depressed. She had been seen ingesting a leather glove and some hay. Radiographs made at this time showed an acute intestinal obstruction.

A Review of Common Diseases in Captive Reptiles
( 1973) Lindeen, Michael ; Haupert, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Reptiles, as both pets and as laboratory animals, are becoming more popular. The small "dime store" turtle or red eared turtle has been popular for a long time, but making their way into homes are such reptiles as boa constrictors, garter snakes, black snakes, box turtles, caiman, alligators, iguanas, etc. With this increasing popularity it is important for the veterinarian to have some knowledge on the more common medical problems of captive reptiles.