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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 15, Issue 8

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If You Have a Will
( 1961-02-01) O'Bryne, John ; Timmons, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Only by making a will or some other advance property transfer arrangement can a person set up his own laws of descent and make sure that his wishes for the distribution of his property will be carried out after his death.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 15, No. 8
( 1961-02-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Why Use Soil Insecticides?
( 1961-02-01) Gunderson, Harold ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Damage from soil insects isn't consistent from year to year. Neither, therefore, is the need for treating corn·land with soil insecticides. Yet, use of these materials has consistently increased each year. Why?

What Happens When Farms Consolidate?
( 1961-02-01) Heady, Earl ; Hoffman, Randall ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The new census shows that Iowa farms are continuing to grow larger but fewer in number as some farms are consolidated to form larger units. This study indicates some of the other things that happen as a result.

Appliance Service- A Two-Sided Story
( 1961-02-01) PIckett, Mary ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Why are service costs so high? What can you do about them? Generally, you should expect to pay for what you receive, but you also should expect to receive what you do pay for. Here are some things to consider.