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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 3, Issue 1

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International Trade... In Learning
( 1948-07-01) Hoyt, Elizabeth ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Today people the world over are viewing with new interest and concern the problems of their neighbors. And as a result opportunities for the peoples of the world to understand each other are better today than ever before.

Where Did the Money Go Last Year?
( 1948-07-01) Simmons, Dorothy ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

One hundred and ten key Iowa farm families who kepy home accounts help prove what most folks have suspected- that the cash spent for living in 1947 was "head and shoulders" above that spent in 1946.

How Much Corn This Fall?
( 1948-07-01) Shaw, Robert ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

There's less corn in Iowa corncribs this summer than for a good many years. So there's more than the usual concern over what this season's crop will be.

The Egg Industry Through Two Decades
( 1948-07-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The egg outlook for the next fall and winter is bright. United States poultrymen had 17 percent fewer chicks on farms May 1 than a year ago. That was the fewest since 1941. Meanwhile, average crops will mean cheaper feed costs next year.

Sizing Up the... Outlook for Hogs
( 1948-07-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Costs of feeding livestock should be much lower by midsummer if crop prospects continue favorable. The price outlook points toward a strong demand for pork next fall and winter. So as long as crop prospects continue good, we can see little merit in pushing hogs for an early fall market. Rather, the advantage lies in using a maximum of low priced feeds.