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The Iowa Homemaker vol.14, no.1 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 14, Issue 1

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Home Management Baby Study
( 2017-05-15) Apple, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Home management babies have a decided flare for society. Although the youngsters. in Iowa State's home management houses are reared in an environment that is often called ''abnormal,'' they're anything but anti-social. Quite the contrary. They are seldom shy of visitors, and they seem to be particularly glad when their ''mothers'' have men callers.

Home and Career
( 2017-05-15) Hoppe, Alberta ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

What is happening to the great American family? Will it become a thing of the past because of decreased birth rate and women's desire for careers? Or if it continues to exist, what shall be its basis? These are some of the questions confronting economists of today.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.14, no.1
( 2017-05-15) Melcher, Betty ; Garberson, Virginia ; McGuiness, Donald ; Moore, Hazel ; Raffety, Grace ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Girls Don’t Date in China… By Betty Melcher

Courtesies Mark the Man… By Virginia Garberson

Men Expect Courtesies From Women… By Donald McGuiness

Housework Is Faculty Home Work… By Hazel Moore and Grace Raffety

Saleswomen Size Up Shoppers
( 2017-05-15) Soth, Kathryn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A small, blonde coed enters a dress shop and heads for the rack marked "Size 14." The head saleslady sees her, "sizes her up" and thinks of a little, pale blue crepe frock with organdy ruffles. The quick step, up-tilted nose and determined air of the girl show the saleslady that she's a girl who knows her own mind and what is becoming to her.

Modern Furniture Comes Into Own...
( 2017-05-15) Watkins, Jessica ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The modern style of furniture is fundamentally sound, and does have a permanent place in the field of interior decoration, says Miss Mabel Russell, of the applied art staff.