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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 8, Issue 5

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Your Experiment Station Reports
( 1953-11-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The purpose of this section is to keep you informed on what your agricultural experiment station is doing as well as to give you the results of research. This month's report features research in "fruits and vegetables."

Cooking Turkey in Aluminum Foil
( 1953-11-01) Lowe, Belle ; Edgar, Margaret ; Schoenleber, Florence ; Young, Joy ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Roasting a good-sized turkey by the traditional method always has called for some expert maneuvering on the part of the homemaker. Does the [unknown] of aluminum foil make turkey roasting easier? Some Iowa State College food researchers discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Heating a Milkhouse with a Water Heater
( 1953-11-01) McFate, K. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

If you have off-peak water heating service available from your power supplier, you may be interested in newly designed units which will both heat the water you use for washing and provide warm air to heat the milkhouse.

Cow Slaughter and the Cattle Cycle
( 1953-11-01) Thompson, Sam ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

In September, we said that an increase in cow slaughter could be the cue for a downtown in cattle cycle numbers. Though cattle slaughter continues high, the proportion of cow and heifer slaughter is relatively low.

Farm Outlook
( 1953-11-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Signs are mounting that business is at or near a turning point. But the exact timing of this turning point is difficult to pinpoint. Even when you turn back to past recessions, you have a hard time determining exactly when the turn took place. For we always seem to have signs pointing in all directions.