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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 30, Issue 2

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 30.2
( 1955-11-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Properties and classification of the paha loess-derived soils in northeastern Iowa. Wayne H. Scholtes 163

Inheritance of resistance to two races of crown rust in oats. R.E. Finkner, R.E. Atkins, and H.S. Murphy 211

Germination and respiration responses of Myrothecium verrucaria to organic fungicides. Alma Toevs Walker 229

Measurement of soil temperature with laboratory mercury-in-glass thermometers. Quaiyum Hamid and Robert H. Shaw 243

Virus spread in nursery blocks of sour cherries in southwest Iowa. O.F. Hobart, JR., H.C. Fink, and W.F. Buchholtz 249

The measurement of soil temperature. Robert H. Shaw

The hydrogenation of vitamin B12. John L. Ellingboe, John I. Morrison, and Harvey Diehl 263

The distributino of nitrogen in the molecule of vitamin B12. John Mr. Brierly, John L. Ellingboe, and Harvey Diehl 269

Detection of cherry virus in Prunus mahaleb. O.F. Hobat, Jr., and W.F. Buchholtz 277

Effectiveness of two pheasant flushing bars under Iowa conditions. Eugene D. Klonglan 287

Comparative pathogenicity of pythiaceous fungi on corn. Richard O. Hampton 295

The theory of vibrating jets in liquids of variable surface tensions. Robert S. Hansen 301