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Datum: student journal of architecture: Volume 8, Issue 1

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Photo Editing: The Intern
( 2017-01-01) Smock, Austin ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Photography today straddles the line between recording and rendering. As people consistently fall victim to photo editing capabilities of the twenty-first century, so too does the physical world. Architecture cannot fend for itself. Yet those who should stand for its rights are consistently the source of its distortion. The space between our walls should be just as intimate as the space between our fingers. Even so, we feel no remorse when we cover its flaws. As designers, it is easy to lose track of the distinction between production and documentation. Yet this space defines the separation between truth and deception. The life of a building is starved of its personality and its face is covered in makeup. It is staged for a shoot. Still this is not enough. Perfection can only be obtained on a screen.

Pattern Pleasure
( 2017-01-01) Jones, Bethanie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A function within our ability to recognize and understand dynamics is visual pleasure. The rate at which one can process something determines their visual response. Qualities known to control visual keenness are contrast, stimulus repetition, symmetry, and prototypicality. Along with visual and semantic priming, these variables increase prudence of visual pleasure. Contrary to the claim that visual pleasure traces to objective stimulus features, beauty is found in the spectator.

The Crystal
( 2017-01-01) Frank, Josh ; Mila, Preston ; Wu, Wenqian ; Zhou, Yasong ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hunter’s Point Shipyard exceptionally situates itself in a community rooted in history. Only two miles south of downtown San Francisco, residents will find a reprieve from the city noise in this 750 acre mixed use community.

( 2017-01-01) Frank, Josh ; Pierce, Alicia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This series explores the intersection of indulgence, excess, and addiction.

De Nu
( 2017-01-01) Laja, Tomi ; Nagawiecki, Nicholas ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

How does one create imagery that is honest yet evocative- intrigued and pure?