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The Iowa Homemaker vol.27, no.1 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 27, Issue 1

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Pammel Courters Combine Paint And Ingenuity
( 2017-07-25) Holler, Peggy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Residents of Pammel Court exercise ingenuity to brighten their homes, reports Peggy Holler.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.27, no.1
( 2017-07-25) Edgar, Joyce ; Stone Graul, Lora ; Johnson, Nancy ; McDonnell, Mary ; McIlrath, Peggy ; Buswell, Margaret ; Welch, June ; Baker, Nancy ; Ahern, Joan ; Walker, Mary ; Holler, Peggy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Veishea Views Tomorrow, Joyce Edgar, page 3

Makes Mine Radio, Lora Stone Graul, page 4

How Does Your Personality Score?, Nancy Johnson, page 5

Modern Coeds Expand College Budgets, Mary Ann McDonnell, page 6

Veteran’s Wives Crowd Special Courses, Peggy McIlrath, page 7

The Way You Are, Margaret Buswell, page 8

What’s New, June Welch, page 9

Vicky Heralds Spring, Nancy Baker, page 10

Express Individuality With Flowers, Joan Ahern, page 12

Keeping Up With Today, page 15

Gifts Make Her Career, Mary Alice Walker, page 17

Combine Paint and Ingenuity, Peggy Holler, page 18

Here’s An Idea, page 20

The Way You Talk Shows The Way You Are
( 2017-07-25) Buswell, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Next to the way you look, the way you sound gives the most definite signpost of your personality and temperament. It is essential, therefore, that you give thought to the cultivation of a pleasant speaking voice, just as you spend time choosing becoming clothes.

Gifts Make Her Career
( 2017-07-25) Walker, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Unusual items, such as Mexican blue grass in all sizes and shapes, hard-to-get hand loomed linens and wood jewelry from southern mountain regions, may be found on the shelves of the "House of Gifts," owned and operated by Miss Irma D. Garner, '26, and her sister in Davenport.

How Does YOUR Personality Score?
( 2017-07-25) Johnson, Nancy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Every Iowa State woman enrolled in the home economics curriculum, regardless of her major field, has an average of 13 personality questionaires filled out by the home economics faculty during her 4 years in college. They may seem unimportant at the time, but these confidential reports follow her all the rest of her life as a basis for reference for future employment.