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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 46, Issue 1

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Iowa State Journal of Science 46.1
( 1971-08-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Loughner, G.E. Precopulatory behavior and mating success of the European corn borer under controlled conditions. 1

Dahman, W.J. and J.J. Mock. Sterilization techniques for seeds and excised embryos of corn. (Zea mays L.). 7

Reich, V.H. and R.E. Atkins. Variation and interrelationships of protein and oil content, and seed weight, in grain sorghum. 13

Ellis, Charles J. Life history of Microtetrameres centuri, 1966 (Nematoda: Terameridae). III. zTaxonomy. 23

Ellis, Charles J. Comparative measurements and host and geographical distribution of species of Microtetrameres Nematoda: Tetrameridae). 29

DeBarthe, J.V., N.L. Jacobson and A.D. McGilliard. Rumen Lactic acid levels in cattle. 49

Vaughan, Harry C. and Clarence Sakamoto. Measurement of ambient air temperature with aspirated and unaspirated thermocouples in the field. 59

Bulow, Frank J. Selection of suitable tissues for use in the RNA-DNA ratio technique of assessing recent growth rate of a fish.71

Corsi, Walter C. and Robert H. Shaw. Evaluation of stress indices for corn in Iowa. 79

Knight, Harry H. A key to the species of Bolteria Uhler with descriptions of six new species (Hempitera, Miridae), 87

Index to masters' theses, 1970-1971. 95

Index to doctoral dissertations, 1970-1971. 109