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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 10, Issue 10

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How To Re-Do Walls and Woodwork
( 1956-04-01) Brown, June ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Re-doing walls and woodwork isn't too difficult if you know what you're doing and use the right materials. Amatuers can do a satisfactory job by carefully following direactions. Here are some tips to guide you.

Where Does Your Field Time Go?
( 1956-04-01) Barnes, Kenneth ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Can you increase your net profits by cutting costs of field operations? Can you do this without making additional investment? While we haven't studied your farm, we have made studies that indicate you probably could by planning and organizing work to make really efficient use of field time.

New Ways to Prepare Corn Ground
( 1956-04-01) Larson, W. ; Schaller, F. ; Lovely, W. ; Buchele, W. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

You've probably heard of several new tillage methods for corn being proposed. Some of these methods include ridge planting, mulch tillage, listing, minimum tillage and tractor track planting. Question: What are they and do they fit in on your farm? If so, how and where?

Situation Report on Insect-Fertilizer Mixes
( 1956-04-01) Kuetemeyer, Carol ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Insecticide-fertilizer mixtures have increased in popularity both in Iowa and in most of the United States. Though they often give spectacular control of all soil insects, there are also some problems.

Laundry Facts About Children's Clothes
( 1956-04-01) Beveridge, Elizabeth ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Since nylon made its first appearance in women's hose, the man-made fibers have surely - and not so slowly - taken their place in the family wardrobe. Ease of case is one of their strong appeals.