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Potato growing in Iowa Bulletin P: Volume 2, Issue 41

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Potato growing in Iowa
( 1942-03-01) Haber, E. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Potatoes rank high in importance among the vegetables commonly grown in Iowa gardens. The potato, which contains about 80 percent water, 15 to 18 percent starch and about 2 percent protein, in the raw state, is a cheap and available source of highly nutritious food. Iowa, which produces about 75,000 acres of potatoes, most of which are used on farms or sold on the local markets, does not grow enough to supply its own needs.

The average yield for Iowa is probably less than 100 bushels per acre. Because of high summer temperatures and poor distribution of rainfall during the growing season, the climate is not ideal for the production of potatoes. However, satisfactory and profitable yields can be secured if the grower will adhere to the practices as outlined in the following paragraphs.