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"The War Department Regrets to Inform You..."
( 1944) Weigel, Martha ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

WHEN Jan stepped off the bus, she looked around—where was that tall fellow with his hat over one eye, and the wide smile? No, Jan, not this time. Doug isn't here to meet you, he will never be here again...

The Tramp of Heavy Boots
( 1944) Pride, Polly ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

LIFE on an island with 75,000 soldiers presented a good many problems. Some we laughed about; some we squared our shoulders about. This was war—the real thing—and some fate had placed us comfortably on one of the main streets of Basic Training Center Number Nine, United States Air Corps...

( 1944) Houseman, Lily ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I SAW him just as I turned the corner by the mailbox and looked across involuntarily toward Engineering Hall. Irresistibly the corners of my mouth turned up. My stomach contracted sharply and I could feel a little shiver all over...

Sky Broken
( 1944) Shillington, Keith ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

When Prince starts to heave to catch his wind There isn't much that you can do But climb down from the plow And wait— And I have waited— I have lain a long time on this hill Watching the congregations of daisies...

On a Strange Sound
( 1944) Burch, Bradley ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A GIRL hears a bugle at Iowa State, and she wonders at the strange sound. She studies her home economics, and the campus is green, and a uniform is something she sees going into a movie downtown. And then she reads in her newspaper that her country is at war, and before she is accustomed to war, with its pleadings that she give her money and accept less food, she hears a strange sound: a bugle, whining over her campus where only the bells were heard before...