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The 1944 Iowa corn yield test Bulletin P: Volume 3, Issue 71

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The 1944 Iowa corn yield test
( 1945-02-01) Reiss, Francis ; Robinson, Joe ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Each year the Iowa farmer has a multitude of corn hybrids from which he can choose seed for planting. Some are well established strains of proven worth, while others are new and relatively untried. It is impossible to determine, from the appearance of the seed in the bag, the desirability of any particular hybrid. The real test of its value is determined by planting it along with other hybrids to check its field performance.

The Iowa Corn Yield Test attempts to provide comparable performance records on a number of hybrids. It is believed that the information presented in this bulletin should afford a reliable comparison of the relative performance of various hybrids when grown in different parts of the state. Data are presented on each entry for yield, stand, moisture, root and stalk lodging, ear height, dropped ears and damaged corn. A performance score has been used in evaluating the relative agronomic value of the various hybrids tested.