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Ames Forester: Volume 82, Issue 1

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Forest Products Society
( 1995) Brown, Brian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Howdy, Hi All! Welcome to an update about the goings on of the Iowa State Chapter of the Forest Products Society. The officers for the 1994-1995 school year were: President-Brian Brown, VicePresiden t-Mar k Mangrich, and Treasurer-Kevin Sharkness. Seeing as how we are writing this early in the spring semester, we will update you on what happened last semester and what our plans are for the spring semester.

Ames Forester Vol. 82
( 1995) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Published Annually by the Ames Forestry Club

Life as a Forester
( 1995) Houseman, Susan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I was fortunate enough to arrive at ISU in the fall of 1975; 125 freshmen entered forestry that year. It was in that same year that acting department head, Dr. George Thompson, gave his famous "I'm happy as a clam to have all you women here" speech to the forestry club. I sincerely did not know until that moment (despite the preponderance of men in my classes) that choosing forestry as a profession was the least bit unusual for my gender.

Forestry Club-The Year in Review
( 1995) Flage, Brian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Looking back at the past year for the Forestry Club, I can be truly pleased with the level of activity and participation by the members. We were able to bring back some old traditions as well as try some new things. All in all, it was an enjoyable year.

Christmas Tree Sales
( 1995) Levendusky, Cory ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The snow was white and cold as it fell with grace. Then the snow melted and ran when it hit my face. Trees were sold and trees were seen throughout the three week period that the trees were sold. This year we sold white pine, scotch pine, and balsam fir from the Horticulture Gardens.