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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 16, Issue 9

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What's the Market Value of Your Farm?
( 1962-03-01) Murray, W. ; Gadsby, D. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Sometimes it's necessary to estimate the approximate market value of your farm- for the current year, some year in the past, or both. Here, using the best data available for the purpose, is how you can make such estimates.

Improve Sheep Management
( 1962-03-01) Wickersham, T. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

There were over a million stock sheep and lambs on Iowa farms in 1960. Much can be done by Iowa sheepmen to improve the efficiency and quality of these Iowa flocks through improved management. Here are some pointers.

What Future for Our Feed-Grain Exports?
( 1962-03-01) Shepherd, Geoffrey ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Our feed-grain exports have been rising since World War II. Will they remain at a high level? Some developments in Western Europe will bear close watching in this respect. Here are some of the things to watch.

For Your Interest
( 1962-03-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

These sections present brief reports on the progress, results and applications of farm and home research currently being conducted by your agricultural and home economics experiment station at Iowa State University.

Farm Outlook
( 1962-03-01) Kutish, Francis ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Hog producers' intentions on Dec. 1 pointed to a possible 2-3 percent increase in the 1962 spring pig crop.