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Investigation of concentrated commercial feed stuffs as sold in Iowa. Bulletin: Volume 8, Issue 86

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Investigation of concentrated commercial feed stuffs as sold in Iowa.
( 2017-08-02) Michael, Louis ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

In March, 1905, a circular letter over the signature of Director Charles F. Curtiss was sent to five thousand dealers in the state, including feed and grain dealers, druggists, merchants and millers. The letter called attention to the condition in which the feed-stuffs of the state were believed to be; and asked for information relative to the classes and.amounts of feed-stuffs sold. The request was also made that samples of feeds be submitted for analysis. In response to these five thousand letters, we received only three hundred and six replies, and a few over a hundred samples most of which were condimental stock foods and tonics.

This first call, for samples was followed by a second letter addressed to the feeders and published in each of the farm journals and newspapers of the state. The response to this second letter was more gratifying. The samples were analyzed, and the results of the analysis of those samples whose authenticity Could be proven appear in the body of this report; or are included in bulletin No. 87 on Condimental Stock Foods and Tonics.