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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 33, Issue 1

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Swine Dysentery: A Review
( 1971) Harris, D. ; Glock, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Swine dysentery was first described by Whiting, Doyle, and Spray in Indiana in 1921. It is a contagious infectious disease characterized by mucohemorrhagic diarrhea. The disease has been reported from most parts of the world. Swine dysentery is also referred to as vibrionic dysentery, bloody scours, bloody dysentery, and mucohemorrhagic diarrhea.

Are We Prepared for Change?
( 1971) Moss, E. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Agribusiness of the future will, through economic necessity, be quite different than it is today. The trend has been established and barring major world upheaval it will continue in the direction of fewer farm units of larger size and more specialized production with the emphasis on efficiency.

Heartworms In Iowa
( 1971) Greve, J. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Canine heartworm infection, caused by Dirofilaria immitis, has made an alarming incursion into Iowa during the past 4 to 5 years. Review of clinical records at Iowa State University for the past 5 years show 46 cases of heartworm infection. Now it has gotten to the stage where veterinarians in some areas of Iowa are regularly encountering the disease and routinely check for its presence.

Alumni News
( 1971) Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article contains news pertaining to the alumni of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Cryptococcosis in the Dog
( 1971) Pauli, M. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A 10-month-old German Shorthair female dog was admitted to Stange Memorial Veterinary Clinic on August 18, 1970, with a history of periodic depression and coughing for one month. The animal had responded to previous cortoicosteroid treatment. A more detailed history and physical examination revealed a reoccurring conjunctivitis and photophobia.