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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 56, Issue 1

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Iowa State Journal of Research 56.1
( 1981-08-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

From the Editors. 1

Galyon, L.R. Introduction. 5

Bevington, D.M. "Why Should Calamity Be Full of Words" The Efficacy of Cursing in Richard III. 9

Anderson, D. K., Jr. The King's Two Rouses and Providential Revenge in Hamlet. 23

Onuska, J.T., Jr. Bringing Shakespeare's Characters Down to Earth: The Significance of Kneeling. 31

Mullin, M. Catalogue-Index to Productions of the Shakespeare Memorial/Royal Shakespeare Theatre, 1879-1978, 43

Schaefer, A.J. The Shape of the Supernatural: Fuseli on Shakespeare. 49

Poague, L. "Reading" the Prince: Shakespeare, Welles, and Some Aspects of Chimes at Midnight, 57

Knight, W.N. Equity in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries, 67

Staton, S.F. Female Transvestism in Renaissance Comedy: "A Natural Perspective That Is and Is Not". 79

Ide, R.S. Elizabethan Revenge Tragedy and the Providential Play-Within-a Play. 91

Stein, C.H. Justice and Revenge in The Spanish Tragedy. 97