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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 22, Issue 5

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New Corn Belt Soybean - It's High Yielding - It's Early - It's CORSOY
( 1967-11-01) Fehr, Walter ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

A new high yield, early maturing soybean variety particularly suited to northern Iowa has just been released from the ISU-USDA soybean breeding program.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 22, No. 5
( 1967-11-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Beef Cattle Finishing Supplements Today
( 1967-11-01) Burroughs, Wise ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

There are many types of beef cattle supplements on the market today. Most increase gains, so the decision on which one to use hinges on such considerations as cost, convenience in feeding and availability.

Farm Outlook
( 1967-11-01) Wisner, Robert ; Futrell, Gene ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Hog marketings increased seasonally during the late summer and early fall and were also above the level indicated by the USDA's spring pig crop estimate. Federally inspected slaughter during August and September was about 10 percent above a year earlier. An increase of only 2 to 4 percent had been indicated by farrowing and hog inventory estimates in the June pig crop report. As a result of the larger marketings, early October hog prices were more than $4 per cwt. below early July and $3.50 lower than a year earlier.

Greater Tax Benefit From Retirement Plans
( 1967-11-01) Harl, Neil ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

New amendments to the 1962 law on tax sheltered retirement programs go into effect in 1968.The amendments relax key restritions on tax deductibility, making retirement programs more attractive to farmers. The author tells you how the program works.