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The Iowa Homemaker vol.9, no.5 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 9, Issue 5

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Death to the Clothes Moth
( 2017-05-08) Guthrie, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

''Moths are in the wool trunk! '' Dismaying news, this, when brought to the busy homemaker in the midst of fall house cleaning, by her small daughter, who, scouting for winter mittens, has encountered the tell-tale webbings, and larvae of the enemy comfortably enjoying a hearty meal on mother's woolen blankets and fox furs.

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-05-08) Sietman, Esther ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There is a tradition t hat a college education spoil s a girl for life in her home town; that somehow she is different, maybe a bit snobbish. Perhaps this is sometimes the result of college life, but as I sat recently with the 4-H club girls of Iowa State College and heard the splendid reports of what had been accomplished during the summer vacation, I felt assured that no 4-H'er would be a misfit when she went back home.

The Child Learns About Animals
( 2017-05-08) Sandstrom, Lorraine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The child will see everything in his environment, physical or social, whether it be the running of ponies or the swaying of leafy branches in the trees. He will hear everything from the laughter of the neighborhood children to the singing of a canary bird. He will touch, whether it be with his cheek, toe, finger or tongue, the smooth round stem of a dandelion, the soft fur of a kitten, or the sticky coldness of an icicle. He is ready for experience with everything around him, and if he is energetic he will set out by himself to have this.

Art Expression for the Child
( 2017-05-08) Hansen, Joanne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Franz Cizek, professor of the Industrial Art School in Vienna, has made a notable contribution to art education through his young people 's classes in art.

Guide Our Giving
( 2017-05-08) Hammer, Bessie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There's nothing new under the sun! Never is this remark more conclusively proved than during the month of December, when everyone is racking his brain for ideas for Christmas presents that will be different and yet acceptable - gifts that friends will be glad to have - not white elephants that will be stored in the attic or thrown in the furnace before the 25th of January. Why not let the Home Economics Division share its ideas with us?