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( 1945) Tucker, Lydia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

H A V E more soup Karl," Nana said as she filled grandfather Karl's bowl a second time. "And you, Tina, eat every bit of what's in your plate if you want apple strudel." Nana was really Cousin Anna, first cousin to Tina's gradmother Maria, but all the grownups and children in the village called her Nana...

Big Night
( 1945) Butler, Elizabeth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

MARY JEAN came clattering down the stairs, her shoes flapping on her feet with every step. She skidded around the corner and pulled herself to a stop in front of the big chair where I sat reading...

Broken Willon
( 1945) Midlang, Lorraine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The willow shoots grow tall, Smooth and slim, with silver-backed leaves, Graceful, patterned...

The Winner
( 1945) Kopp, Betty ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

AL SQUATTED on the trailer steps, nervously stretching and curling his fingers. He could hear the Doctor moving around inside, and his wife moaning. Wonder how long it'll take that fool doctor...

Only Sissies Cry
( 1945) Midgorden, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

SWINGING her bare feet to the lowest branch, Francie Olson slid out of the apple tree, skinned her elbow on the bark, and ran across the yard to meet Tom and Jo Ann Hutchcroft. She had never seen Jo Ann run so fast...