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A new soil sampler Bulletin: Volume 8, Issue 94

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A new soil sampler
( 2017-08-03) Stevenson, W. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

A laboratory study of the physical characteristics of soils has come to he considered of primary importance in soil investigations. Much has been done within recent years toward studying these properties with air dried samples. Comparatively few attempts, however, have been made to study samples which possessed the texture, structure, moisture content and other features found under field conditions. For many reasons, investigators cannot materially add to our knowledge as long as data is secured only from air dried samples. Real progress in research can begin only with the use of such apparatus as will enable the investigator to deal in the laboratory with samples of essentially the same physical properties as are possessed by the soils in the field.

It is believed that the appearance of this sampler will be welcomed by investigators because it brings into the laboratory some actual field conditions heretofore unknown. The main value of this implement, nevertheless, lies in the facts that the samples obtained by it are secured rapidly and undergo no change in physical condition.