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The Iowa Homemaker vol.11, no.2 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 11, Issue 2

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Bringing Romance from Spain
( 2017-05-09) Carlson, Thelma ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Building air castles in Spain is not a bit more interesting than planning a Spanish house for America. America is young yet and blood of our European ancestors is still flowing in our veins, so it is not at all strange that we should want our architecture even today to still bear evidence of European influence, although at the same time showing the individuality and sentiment of our people.

Do You Do Kitchen Calisthenics...
( 2017-05-09) Conklin, Emily ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

How long do you suppose it takes you to get to your breakfast? If you consider the amount of time you spend in the kitchen planning, preparing, serving, and clearing away meals, you will realize how true it is when I say that in a recent survey of Iowa women it was found that, on the average, 45 percent of the Iowa women's working time was spent in the kitchen.

When the Thermometer Goes Up
( 2017-05-09) Stephenson, Anafred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Did you sit sweltering on a sticky mohair davenport, sipping iced lemonade and staring dejectedly at a living room done in warm browns and reds last summer?

The Iowa Homemaker vol.11, no.2
( 2017-05-09) Neubert Maeyers, Hedwig ; Tomlinson, Prudence ; Conklin, Emily ; Hill, Madge ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Der Vaterland Is Not So Different By Hedwig Neubert Maevers

Pots and Pans Are Rather Fun By Prudence Tomlinson

Do You Do Kitchen Calisthenics? By Emily Conklin

Dance Your Shyness Away By Madge Hill

Pitchers That Become Prizes...
( 2017-05-09) Rock, Pearl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

One of the pitchers made by the Ceramic Engineering Department of the college has become one of the most prized pitchers in the collection of Mrs. Emma Rohlfs Maier of Avoca, Iowa. The pitcher was sent her by Professor Paul E. Cox, head of the Ceramic Engineering Department. He said it was sent in remembrance of what Mrs. Maier's father had done for Iowa State College.