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The preparation of corn for dairy cows Bulletin: Volume 16, Issue 195

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The preparation of corn for dairy cows
( 2017-07-27) McCandlish, A. ; Weaver, G. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The corn crop of Iowa exceeds in acreage, yield and value all other grain crops combined. In this state, as well as in other sections of the corn belt, corn must be relied upon as the basis of the concentrate allowance for dairy cattle, as it generally is one of the most economical sources of energy. The extent to which it is used renders it essential that the feeding of it be carefully studied, as what are apparently small economies attain large proportions when considered in the aggregate.

The preparation of corn for other types of farm livestock has been studied to some extent, but the influence of the various preparations of corn on the total yield and economy of production of milk and butterfat has received little attention. The work reported here is but a part of a series of investigations being conducted on the influence of the method of preparation of corn on the production of milk, and is a comparison of ear corn, corn-and-cob meal, and corn meal.