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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 9, Issue 2

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How to Manage Stored Grain
( 1954-08-01) Hansen, Ralph ; Gunderson, Harold ; Gilman, J. ; Phillips, Richard ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Spoilage, shrinkage and contamination in farm-stored grains are all costly to the owner. They result in weight losses, heavy market discounts when the grain is sold and loss in palatability as a livestock feed. When these losses occur, the discounts may be anywhere from a few cents to more than a dollar a bushel even for grain that looks "all right" without close inspection.

Buying Today's Fabrics
( 1954-08-01) Hollen, Norma ; Roberson, Opal ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Can you afford not to know more about the fabrics you buy? Consider first- What are the specific clothing needs of your family? Then second-Do you buy the kind of garments that have the qualities to meet these needs? And third- Do you know how to give these garments the right kind of care? Here's a pictorial view of some of today's man-made fabrics together with some information on their care.

Your Experiment Station Reports-Corn and Other Grains
( 1954-08-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Beginning this month is the 1954-55 series of sections reporting on progress and research at your agriculture experiment station at Iowa State College. There are two sections in this issue reporting on Corn and Other Grains and Farm Business.

When Does It Pay to Store Grain?
( 1954-08-01) Shepherd, Geoffrey ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Does it pay farmers to store grain for several months after harvest before selling it? Or does it pay better to sell the grain direct from the harvest field.

Farm Income and Costs - 1953
( 1954-08-01) Howell, H. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

An analysis of the business records of 1,046 Iowa farms shows as some of the trends in production and income which occured last year. The records also furnish standards you can use too judge the efficiency of your farm business.