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The Iowa Homemaker vol.17, no.4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 17, Issue 4

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Furs Dislike Hot Radiators
( 2017-05-22) Grant, Betty ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

College girls spend a good percentage of that 300 million dollars that goes in exchange for fur coats each year in America. Northern seal, raccoon, Civet cat and lapins, ninety nine varieties of them-all these are found protecting coeds from icy winds on campus walks.

A Handful of Flour
( 2017-05-22) Larson, Marie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"With electricity at her service, woman's brain will change and achieve new capabilities," Thomas Edison predicted 25 years ago. But it was not the introduction of electricity alone that revolutionized household routine.

Discourage That Sniffle
( 2017-05-22) Hoffman, Frances ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Let's all sing like the birdies sing"but how can we if our heads are filled up, not with the words of the song, but with a bad case of sniffles. We must do something for our colds at once. So let's "get wise" to what we can do, and then try hard to rid ourselves of a bothersome rascal-a plain, ordinary cold.

Does It Work?
( 2017-05-22) Schenk, Peggy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Ideas are worth passing on only if they really work. To break into print a Woman's Home Companion idea must have its worth tested. That is the why and wherefore of the Home Service Center.

For Beauty's Sake
( 2017-05-22) Hendrix Stouffer, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Sometimes a girl feels a bit cynical when she hears the old adages so glibly expressed. Maybe beauty does lie only skin deep. Definitely, the problem of beauty remains. To get at the truth of the matter, we asked for beauty secrets and methods from girls who are generally conceded to be campus beauties.