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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 32, Issue 5

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Your New Accessory
( 2017-08-10) Goul, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

For an easy to pack vacation wardrobe, choose basic outfits and space-saving "wardrobe pickups." They're the most convenient article possible for the wardrobe of the college girl who has limited drawer and closet space.

It's Time for Action!
( 2017-08-10) Anderson, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

By making your resolutions when vacation starts instead of on New Year's Eve, you can have more fun and receive more benefit from your Christmas holiday than ever before. Start the new year right by accomplishing some neglected wishes you never have time for during school.

The Immortal Oratorio
( 2017-08-10) Bergeson, Marilyn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Anyone who has witnessed a performance of Handel's "Messiah" knows why it is called... "The Immortal Oratorio"

The Iowa Homemaker vol.32, no.5
( 2017-08-10) Bergeson, Marilyn ; Green, Marylen ; Baird, Alane ; Wilcox, Virginia ; Toulouse, Evelyn ; Hearst, Salli ; Dunn, Gayle ; Holt, Marcia ; Will, Dorothy ; Butler, Nancy ; Brown, Susan ; Doherty, Mary ; Anderson, Ruth ; Goul, Jean ; Bain, Kathryn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Immortal Oratorio, Marilyn Bergeson, page 7

Who’s Who In Home Economics, Marylen Green, page 8

Your Pre-Holiday Spree, Alane Baird, page 9

You And Your Christmas Tree, Virginia Wilcox, page 11

Just Off The Press, Evelyn Toulouse, page 12

How To Have An Un-Merry Christmas, Salli Hearst, page 13

They Express “Your Perfect Taste-Your Thoughtfulness”, Gayle Dunn and Marcia Holt, page 14

What’s New, Evelynn Toulouse and Dorothy Will, page 16

Here’s Martha, Nancy Butler, page 17

Toys That Create, Dorothy Will, page 20

Information Please, Susan Brown and Mary Doherty, page 21

It’s Time For Action, Ruth Anderson, page 22

Your New Accessory, Jean Goul, page 24

The Twelve Days of Christmas, page 27

For Him, page 28

For Her, page 29

Trends, Kathryn Bain, page 30

Here's Martha
( 2017-08-10) Butler, Nancy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

She's been referred to as "WOI's Christmas present to you with a red bow on top" or Women's Radio Editor or Mrs. Eleanor Wilkins. But she's best known as Martha Duncan, "that friendly-sounding woman" who's been chatting with her listeners about everything from apples to zebras since the started radio programs in 1938.