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The Iowa Homemaker vol.8, no.7 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 8, Issue 7

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Manners and the Home
( 2017-04-21) Marnette, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In this age of commerce, of machines and engines, and of efficiency that too often robs us of all personal touches, we still have need of the restful influence of good breeding and courtesy.

Home Economics Research
( 2017-04-21) Deischer, Mildred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In the past ten years salads have received as much consideration from both patrons and restaurant managers as any one group of foods.

Homemakers' Bookshelf
( 2017-04-21) Davis, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Homemakers who have not had the opportunity of a home economics education as well as those who have, are confronted with the problem of serving to their families well balanced, nutritious meals. It has been exceedingly hard for the untrained woman to get information in a condensed form which would help her.

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-04-21) Forbes, Florence ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Chicago! and the National Club Congress is the goal for which the 4-H club girl turns her thoughts. at this time of the year. This year each state was limited to a delegation of fifty members. So the 25 girls who were chosen because of meritable records in the respective activities to represent Iowa, feel not a little happy that they have stuck to the line this last year.

Cooperative Coeds at Barton Hall
( 2017-04-21) Stewart, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Cooperative coeds are more economical at Iowa State College, for under the direction of Mrs. M. A. Perry, chaperon, they do all their own cooking and most of the light housework or their dormitory, Barton Hall, formerly South Hall.