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The Iowa Homemaker vol.31, no.5 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 31, Issue 5

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Avoid Job Rush
( 2017-08-10) Baird, Alane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Christmas is none too early to start shopping for that summer job. Christmas vacation provides an excellent opportunity to arrange for those important applications and interviews.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.31, no.5
( 2017-08-10) Voss, Nancy ; Pitzer, Mary ; Steele, Jane ; McGhie, Jean ; Baird, Alane ; Short, Barbara ; Beck, Barbara ; Cornwell, Constance ; LaRue, Harriet ; Anderson, Ruth ; Dallager, Anne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It’s Christmas, Nancy Voss, page 5

Christmas Presents for Iowa State, Mary Kay Pitzer and Jane Ann Steele, page 6

Holiday Homework, Jean McGhie, page 8

Avoid Job Rush, Alane Baird, page 9

The Story of the Ghent Altarpiece, Barbara Short, page 10

Toe Stuffers for Mom’s Stocking, Barbara Beck, page 12

What’s New, Constance Cornwell and Harriet LaRue, page 13

Christmas Coconut Snowballs, page 15

She Cooks in a Big Way, Ruth Anderson, page 16

Christmas Dessert, page 19

Trends, Anne Dallager, page 22

A War-time Government Job
( 2017-08-10) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Miss Hamlin pieced together her story from the files of the American Commission for which she worked during the war. These files told all that the United States had learned about stolen and damaged art objects, who did the looting and destruction, their rightful owners and their whereabouts.

Toe Stuffers for Mom's Stocking
( 2017-08-10) Beck, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Give Mom some little gifts with big ideas behind them for Christmas this year. You'll find these handy kitchen accessories will be "Necessities" before the holiday season is over.

The Story of the Ghent Altarpiece
( 2017-08-10) Short, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Once upon a time in the little town of Ghent, Belgium, two brothers named Van Eyck painted eighteen panels of an altarpiece for the cathedral of Ghent. About 600 years later, the seventeen remaining panels were sent to Pau, France, for safe-keeping. That was in 1940, and was just at the beginning of the altarpiece's 5 year adventure before returning to its home.