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Farm Science Reporter: Volume 4, Issue 2

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Farm Science Reporter Vol. 4 No. 2
( 1943-04-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Why Do Cows Bloat?
( 1943-04-01) Espe, Dwight ; Jacobson, Norman ; Cannon, Clawson ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Why do cows bloat on alfalfa or clover pastures but not on bluegrass? Is there something in clover or alfalfa and not in bluegrass or other grass pastures that causes bloat?

Now We Have Corn Borers
( 1943-04-01) Drake, C. ; Harris, H. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The “famous” and “feared” European corn borer has arrived in Iowa. Last summer and fall we found borers in the com fields of 19 counties in eastern Iowa— some of them in the third tier of counties west from the Mississippi River.

Inoculate for More and Better Soybeans
( 1943-04-01) Norman, A. ; Browning, G. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

For many years the experiment station folk, we of the Iowa Station included, have been telling you to inoculate your soybean seed. But just how much increase in yield can you expect from inoculation, and will it improve the quality of the crop produced?

Canning Food That Keeps
( 1943-04-01) Nelson, P. ; Hettler, Frances ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The hot water bath method of processing canned foods has been given a nod of approval by research workers. Scientists, a bit skeptical that food processed in the hot water bath would keep successfully, set about to study the method. Results of the study serve as a guide to homemakers in 1943 as the food situation threatens to become even more serious than in 1918.