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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 35, Issue 1

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Student News
( 1973) Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article contains news pertaining to the students of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Veterinary Medicine and Professionalism
( 1973) Lawrence, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Throughout the past four years, rumbles in the distance could be heard proclaiming veterinary medicine and its sense of professionalism. But lately some people have started to actually wonder about why they ever wanted to start the uphill battle towards that professional degree.

Polyradiculoneuritis (A Case Study)
( 1973) Robinson, Suzanne ; Chastain, C. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Polyradiculoneuritis (coon hound paralysis) is an ascending paralysis which occurs primarily in dogs used for hunting raccoons or in dogs which are free to roam with the opportunity of coming in contact with a raccoon. Although it is characterized by quadraplegia of the affected animal persisting for three weeks to three months, complete recovery is possible.

Equine Rabies
( 1973) Emerson, Ronald ; McLeish, Ian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Rabies in the horse can be obscured by atypical clinical signs. One such case is discussed which resulted in exposure to four people. The clinical signs of equine rabies are reviewed, and a differential diagnosis is discussed. The policy of including rabies in your differential when a CNS problem is observed is again emphasized.

Bovine Toxic Mastitis
( 1973) Weston, Russ ; Hull, Bruce ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Bovine toxic mastitis is an acute clinical syndrome manifested by acute inflammation of the mammary gland and severe generalized toxemia. it must be differentiated from such diseases as parturient paresis, acute peritonitis, torsion of the abomasum or cecum, and toxic metritis.