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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 13, Issue 2

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Eperythrozoonosis in Swine
( 1951) Splitter, Earl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Eperythrozoonosis means literally an infection with a parasite upon the erythrocytes. This appears to be a very common condition of swine in Kansas as indicated by the relative ease with which eperythrozoa can be recovered from adult hogs. Clinical evidence of this infection, referred to as acute eperythrozoonosis, occurs only sporadically. The acute condition is also known as icteroanemia, anaplasmosis-like disease, or yellow-belly of swine.

Veterinary Medicine in the Hawaiian Islands
( 1951) Strayer, P. ; Chung, N. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The practice of veterinary medicine in Hawaii is comparable in many ways to practices found in the average American community with perhaps some differences caused by its subtropical climate, its inhabitants of many racial origins, its insular limitations or advantages, its specialized industries, and the size of its land area.

( 1951) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Pseudohermaphroditism in a Boar
( 1951) Terry, J. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Recently a 9-months-old purebred Chester White boar was brought to Iowa State College for slaughter. The genitourinary tract from the ureters posteriorly was retained for examination by personnel at Stange Memorial Clinic.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Emphysema in a Cow
( 1951) Mattison, James ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A 2-year-old, grade, Brown Swiss cow was referred to Stange Memorial Clinic Dec. 6, 1950. This animal had a history of respiratory distress which had seemingly failed to respond to all treatment.