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Backstage At The Theater Workshop
( 2017-07-26) Bosnak, Frances ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Sophocles... Euripedes... Shakespeare... Beaumont... DeVega... Moliere... Tolstoy. The novice stares at the names of these and many other great writers as she looks up and around the Iowa State College Theater Workshop that was once a pavilion for animal judging. Its uniqueness is startling.

Beware- Headaches
( 2017-07-26) Wallace, Margret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"As far as I'm concerned, Iowa State is just one headache after another," said one coed, and, according to the facts, she's not far from wrong.

Iowa State Grapplers Provide Mat Thrills
( 2017-07-26) Morousek, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Only two men provide the action in a wrestling match, but every muscular movement equals the energy put forth when a fullback charges through the line for a first down. Each twist and turn on the mat must have a specific purpose, and there are no huddles to map out strategy.

It's Merrill-Palmer
( 2017-07-26) Krenek, Peggy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Schools with no assignments, no tests, no grades- but a lot of work- that's Merrill Palmer, report Marilyn Glasener and Nan Bernstein, home economics seniors. Last fall they were selected as Iowa State's representatives to attend Merrill-Palmer. Two students are chose each quarter by members of the Division of Home Economics, to study at the school.

Vicky Steps Out In Cotton
( 2017-07-26) Breckenridge, Jo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Vicky's having a hey day. Spring is coming and she has only one cool cotton dress in her closet. So she's haunting the fabric counters and is delighted as a kitten with catnip at what she's found. Her old dresses, too short, faded or worn out, are on the way to children in Holland or dusting the furniture on cleaning clay. The new ones she's making are planned to make her look as cool as a Union malt when hot weather arrives.