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Sudan grass Bulletin: Volume 19, Issue 233

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Sudan grass
( 2017-08-11) Hughes, H. ; Wilkins, F. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Sudan grass is one of the most satisfactory non-leguminous emergency hay and pasture crops available for use in Iowa. It has been under observation at the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station during the past 14 years. Three hundred ninety-eight experimental seedings have been made with it in the past 11 years. It surpasses oat hay from the standpoint of yield and has about the same feeding value as either oat hay or timothy. Since it is not a legume, it cannot utilize the nitrogen from the air and does not have the feed value of such crops as the clovers, alfalfa or soybeans. Being an annual, it does not compete with clover, alfalfa or timothy, which live for more than one year. It is not recommended as a regular crop in the rotation, but possesses merit as an emergency or catch crop which can be used to advantage for hay, pasture or soiling.