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The Iowa Homemaker vol.6 no.9 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 6, Issue 9

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If the Baby Could Talk
( 2017-04-10) Kallenberg, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Ya-hum! I'm getting sleepy. Here comes Mother. I'm glad; she will put me to bed."

Uses of the Organ Cuts of Meat
( 2017-04-10) Montgomery, Eva ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Serve internal organs at least once a week," says the nutrition expert. "Eat internal organs several times a week," orders the family physician, after pronouncing the patient anemic. Both nutrition expert and physician have foundation for their remarks because these internal organs are high in iron, vitamins and protein.

How Shall We Cook Down on the Farm
( 2017-04-10) Guthrie, Elsie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Many readers of the Homemaker may be facing the problem of stove selection. It may be your old stove is worn out and must be replaced; perhaps you are moving from a furnished fiat to another location which requires a change· of fuel; you may be a senior looking forward to teaching Home Economics or going into the extension field preaching the gospel of Homemaking; or, best of all, you may be looking forward to selecting a stove for your very own kitchen.

The American Housewife in the Philippines
( 2017-04-10) Alexander, Virginia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"The American viewpoint of a foreign country is probably far different from that of the American who spends his life among them," said Mrs. Jean Walser, Associate Professor in Mathematics at the University of the Philippines at Manilla, who has just returned from the Philippines to the Iowa State College campus. "People living far across the water from a country of which they know little about the actual life there, wonder at the strangeness of the foreigners who find their way to our shores. Maybe the Americans who journey to the Philippines are just as much a source of curiosity to the natives with their strange dress, short hair, and peculiar American habits and customs."

Iowa State Home Economics Association
( 2017-04-10) Ferguson, Fred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Home Economics meetings at the time of the District State Teachers' meeting.