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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 7, Issue 3

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Your Pigs May Need More Water
( 1952-09-01) Altman, Landy ; Ashton, Gordon ; Catron, Damon ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

For fast gains, pigs need more water available to them at all times- in winter as well as summer. One of the least expensive ways in both money amd labor is to supply water with electrically heated waterers.

Leases Can Set the Pattern
( 1952-09-01) Kehrberg, Earl ; Heady, Earl ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Every farm lease to some extent sets the pattern of farming operations for the particular farm involved. A survey made in two Iowa counties points up some of the advantages and problems associated with cash and share leases.

Are You Paying More Tax Than Necessary?
( 1952-09-01) Beneke, Raymond ; Bodensteiner, L. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

If your income changes from year to year, you're paying more income tax than you would if your income remained about the same. But tax regulations give you some "outs" if you're able to adjust your business to them.

1952 Fall Feed and Livestock Situation
( 1952-09-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Present economic "straws in the wind" indicate a fairly high level of economic activity and demand for farm products generally for the next year. If defense spending declines after mid-1953 as presently scheduled, some cut-back in business investment in plant and equipment probably will occer, as the build-up in capacity associated with the defense program is completed. In such a situation, the economy through the later part of 1952 may trend slightly downward.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 7, No. 3
( 1952-09-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications