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The Iowa Homemaker vol.15, no.5 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 15, Issue 5

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Watch the Cyclone Ends... if You'd Really See the Game
( 2017-05-16) Heyer, Winn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Man is being born with a football tucked under his arm, and each year from October until Chrismas he lives, eats and sleeps football- much to the surprise and many times chagrin of woman.

Tragedy in One Act... She Neglected the Plumbing
( 2017-05-16) Palmer, Isabella ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There had evidently been a terrible calamity. Mrs. Jones threw her apron over her rumpled marcel and muffled moans of distress assailed the ears of a somewhat flustered husband.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.15, no.5
( 2017-05-16) Converse, Blair ; Johnson, Rosemae ; the Style Scout, Sally ; Palmer, Isabella ; Berry, Virginia ; Heyer, Winn ; Ferguson, Bess ; Hoffman, Katherine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

She’s Been a Campus Personality By Prof. Blair Converse

No Race Prejudice in Barbados By Rosemae Johnson

Ideas Centuries Old By Sally

Tragedy in One Act By Isabella Palmer

Journalists Like Their Fun By Virginia Berry

Watch the Cyclone Ends By Winn Heyer

“We Thought it Would be That Easy” By Bess Ferguson

Lastest Fashions for a Fall Breakfast by Katherine Hoffman

Latest Fashion for a Fall Breakfast
( 2017-05-16) Hoffman, Katherine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It's autumn-it's football weather- it's breakfast weather! That first sniff of chilly morning air and the sight of leaves just beginning to shade into red and yellow and brown gives one a ready-for-anything feeling and a simply enormous appetite. And with that bounding appetite you're just in the mood to give a lively autumn breakfast.

Made-over Kitchens
( 2017-05-16) Conard, Orinne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"The most efficient kitchens are rectangular in shape." Such is the decree of the Household Equipment Department at Iowa State College.