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Movable hog houses Bulletin: Volume 13, Issue 152

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Movable hog houses
( 2017-08-09) Evvard, John ; Davidson, J. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Movable hog houses, properly built and used, are successful. Those described in this bulletin have stood the test at the Iowa Agricultural Experiment station. They are practical and satisfactory and what is said concerning them and hog houses in general is based on years of thorough investigation and study of the housing of swine by the animal husbandry and agricultural engineering sections.

Proper housing is essential to successful swine production, and yet it is ofttimes overlooked. Dry, sanitary, comfortable conditions must be provided if one wishes the best returns in the pork producing business. The hog is not as well protected with natural covering as most domestic animals. He relies mainly on the production of thick layers of fat which provide considerable protection. All hogs are not so fortunate, however, as to be fat, hence they must depend upon their hair or bristle covering which is inadequate, even though abundant, in the zero days of winter. Sensible shelter, therefore, is in order because it saves feed, provides comfort, and, of course, saves money.