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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 6, Issue 10

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Case of the "Disappearing Sweetclover"
( 1952-04-01) Lilly, J. ; Walstrom, R. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

If you've had trouble getting a stand of sweetclover established on your farm, you're not alone with your problem. The culprit is the tiny sweetclover weevil. It can be controlled by late seeding and by using DDT.

Sixteen Farm Families Watch Electric Use
( 1952-04-01) Altman, Landy ; Ehrenkranz, Florence ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Just as long as there's plenty of power coming over your lines, you probably aren't too concerned about when peak leads are on lines in your area. Yet there's good reason to know when demands are heaviest.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 6, No. 10
( 1952-04-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
You Can "Hasten" Corn Maturity!
( 1952-04-01) Dumenil, Lloyd ; Shaw, R. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

You can hasten the maturity of your corn in many years by the use of better soil fertility practices- such as improved crop rotations, manure and fertilizers. This hastened maturity is especially important when a cold, wet season delays planting or slows down early growth, or when there's an early freeze before the corn is mautre.

What's Happening in Cattle Marketing?
( 1952-04-01) Thompson, Sam ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Prices for finished cattle in 1951 broke all previous records. Cattle slaughter was down last year. But let's look at what actually happened and also what's likely to happen this year.