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Closet case
( 2011-12-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Admit it, your closet’s a case, so why put up a fight? Ignore their pleats and harness the potential in your shirts and slacks by breaking out of the tried and true to become uniquely you.

( 2011-12-01) Butler, Allison ; Moore, Dani ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Still coming off the high from the killer show at Maximum Ames, lead singer Sharika Soal divulges the workings of her band Ladysoal. The eclectic band, complete with Mike Meier on lead guitar, Mallory Crain on bass, and Justin Whisler on drums, represents some of the best of what Ames has to offer.

Marching man
( 2011-12-01) Huempfner, Sarah ; Powell, Claire ; Gonnerman, Erica ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Tony Labat is a junior in music. Beginning in middle school, with a free flute (yes, he plays the flute), Labat moved up through the woodwind ranks to become the principal flute of the wind ensemble in his high school concert band. In high school, Labat preferred concert band to marching band, but that would change when he got to college and saw his first game at ISU. It only took one look at a well-practiced collegiate marching band having fun out on the field to get him hooked.

Pretty lights
( 2011-12-01) Lansman, Erica ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Glow sticks. Sweat. Bass. These are essential to the experience of the banging mixture of electronica and dark 60’s soul fused in the eclectic music crafted by Derek Vincent Smith, hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado—a.k.a, Pretty Lights.

Ames and Des Moines music around town
( 2011-12-01) Clawson, Andrew ; Shafer, Simone ; Gamm, Alison ; Iowa State University Digital Repository