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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 42, Issue 2

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What's Your Radiographic Diagnosis?
( 1980) Davison-McCabe, Deanne ; McNeel, Sandra ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

An 8-year old castrated male Elkhound was presented with urinary incontinence, hematuria, and dysuria. Previous treatment for acute cystitis with Ampicillin and Tribrissen provided only temporary relief of clinical symptoms. Unresponsiveness to antibiotic therapy suggests the possibility of chronic cystitis, cystic calculi, or bladder neoplasm.

A Punch Skin Grafting Technique in the Horse
( 1980) Stevenson, Joanne ; Mitten, John ; Jackson, Larry ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Wounds involving the lower limbs of horses often fail to respond to conventional methods of treatment. Treatment by skin grafting may be successful in such cases. The type of wound in which skin grafting is indicated and the method of grafting are discussed.

Bovine Leptospirosis in Iowa: A Serological Survey
( 1980) Nervig, R. ; Beran, C. ; Hill, H. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Bovine leptospirosis is one of the major cattle diseases in the United States causing significant economic losses to the cattle industry. This disease in cattle has been associated with abortion, repeat breeding, still-births, fetal death,s weak calves, and reduced milk production. In the United States, the disease is cause dby infection with one or more of 6 known pathogenic leptospiral serovars: pomona, hardjo, grippotyphosa, canicola, icterohaemorragiae, and szwajizak.

Canine Insulinoma
( 1980) Jordan, Dave ; Carithers, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hypoglycemia in a dog due to an insulinoma was first reported in the literature in 1927. Although there have been many reported cases since that time, it is still considered to be a fairly rare condition by most authors. Its frequency, however, is probably much greater than the literature would lead one to believe, as the vast majority of cases go unreported or unrecognized. The Iowa State University Teaching Hospital alone diagnoses three or four cases each year, which is a substantial number in light of the fact that functional beta cell tumors have been reported in only 45 dogs.

Coccidial Infection in Neonatal Swine
( 1980) Hahn, David ; Glock, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Coccidia have been implicated as another of the many pathogens responsible for scours in baby pigs. The clinical syndrome begins at about 5 days to 3 weeks of age and is similar to other enteritides of neonatal swine. The pigs begin to scour and do not grow well. In some cases, a mortality of up to 50% of those affected has been noted. Negative response to antibiotics normally employed in baby pig scours is often observed as another feature of the disease.